Friday, August 30, 2013

Here is our list of things to buy and the amounts we needed for 4x each recipe.

Jessica’s Soup (JS), White Chicken Chili (WCC), Parmesan Chicken (PC), Spaghetti Meat Sauce (SpagS), Bob’s Marinara, Heidi’s Enchiladas (Ench), Marinated Pork Chops (Heidi), Marinated Pork Chops (Jen), Marinated Chicken (CM), Mexican Casserole w/beef, taco meat, coconut lime chicken (CLC), Stuffed Shells (SS), Arroz con pollo, cornbread mix from Costco (split into bags to take home), Calzones (Cal) Pantry Secrets Bread Recipe

12 boneless skinless chicken breasts (WCC)
8 lbs chicken breasts or tenderloins (PC)
6 lbs. chicken tenders (CM)
10 lbs. Chicken (Coconut Lime)
15 chicken breasts (Ench)
30 small chicken breasts (arroz)
12 thick Pork Chops (cut in half to thin) Heidi’s Marinade
8 Large Sweet Italian Pork Sausages (JS)
6 lbs. hamburger (lean) (Spag S.)
5-6 lbs. hamburger (lean) (Taco)
5 lbs. lean gr beef (Mex C)
2 lbs. Gr. Turkey (JS)
Pepperoni (Cal)
Canadian bacon (Cal)
19 yellow onions (2 JS, 5 Spag S., 5 Marinara, 4 Ench)
5 C Green Onion (Mex C) (arroz)
2 lbs Carrots (JS) (Bob’s marinara)
5 Limes (CLC)
7 green bell peppers (Spag S. & Calzones & 4 for Ench)
3 red bell peppers (arroz)
Celery head (JS)
8 Zucchini (JS)
8 TB fresh chives
Fresh Parsley (PC) (SS)
2 bunches cilantro (CLC) (arroz)
1 large package mushrooms – Costco size (Spag S. - calzones)
Garlic head (5 tsp. arroz)
8 cans diced tomatoes (JS)
8 cans mixed beans–seasoned white beans, garbanzo, canneloni  (JS)
8 cans + 2 ½ cups Chicken Broth (JS) (arroz)
3- #10 can whole tomatoes (Bob’s Marinara)
4 cans rotelle (diced tomatoes and chiles) buy MILD (WCC)
4 (14.5-ounce) cans diced tomatoes, undrained (Spag S)
8 cans Tomato Sauce (Spag S.)
4 cans corn (WCC)
5 cans corn (arroz)
15 cups salsa (10Mex C) (5arroz)
5 Cans chili beans (Mex C)
7 cans olives (Cal, Mex C)
1 jar Pepperoncini
8 can green chilies (Ench)
5 + 3 jars tomato/basil sauce Barilla (SS) (arroz)
4 cans great northern beans (WCC)
2 ½ c coconut milk (CLC)
5 cups coconut milk (CLC rice)
104 oz. cream of chicken soup (Ench)
5 cans black beans (Arroz)
2 cups parmesan cheese (PC)
3 cups grated fresh parmesan (SS)
2 cups butter (PC)
4 TB butter (Ench)
6 cups shredded cheddar cheese (WCC)
1 cup milk (PC)
48 oz. 1% low-fat cottage cheese (SS)
60 oz. ricotta cheese (SS)
4 cups (16 oz) shredded Asiago cheese (SS)
4 cups shredded part-skim mozzarella cheese (SS)
Bag of Mozzarella from Costco (calzones)
10 C sour cream (Mex C)
64 oz. sour cream (Ench)
15 C Cheddar Cheese (10Mex C) (5arroz)
12 cups shredded Monterey Jack Cheese (can substitute) (ench)
Granulated garlic (JS)
Garlic powder (PC) (CM)
Dry Onion (CM)
5x pinch Cayenne pepper (CLC)
4 McCormick White Chicken Chili Mix (WCC)
Taco Seasoning
Schilling Spaghetti seasoning mix
5 tsp. + 1 ¼ tsp. ground cumin (CLC) (arroz)
7 ½ tsp. ground coriander (CLC)
8 tsp. ground coriander (ench)
10 tsp. curry powder
Pasta Seasoning Blend from Trader Joes (JS)
Montreal Steak Seasoning (Pork Marinade)
 Olive Oil (JS) (Bob’s M)
3 ¼ c vege oil (chicken marinade) (pork marinade)
3 ¼ c Lite Soy Sauce (CM) (Pork Marinade)
10 TB lite soy sauce (CLC)
1 ¼ c 7-up (CM)
5 dozen flour tortillas (Enchiladas) - Costco
4 boxes Jumbo pasta shells (SS)
20 oz. frozen chopped spinach (SS)
Bread Crumbs (PC)
5 cups Jasmine rice (CLC)
Cornbread Mix- Marie Callendar’s (costco)
Tortilla Chips
Pantry Secrets Bread Ingredients for Calzones

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